I am Mary Beth. Or Beth. Or MB, Bethro, McBeth, MaryB, Mmmbeth…I really go by any thing but Mary. I am the middle of the 3 McLees girls. We grew up in Atlanta, have two wonderful parents, and all three of us are Clemson Tigers. Laney, the Little McLees, is only part Tiger because she transferred to UGA half way through school. Lauren, the Big McLees, is a pediatric nurse. Our dad works for IBM and also tutors all sorts of crazy kids to help them prepare for the SAT. Our mom is a Jack (Jill?)-of-all-trades and runs the ballet school that we grew up in (yes, we were all 3 ballerinas…we could have become famous but chose to be normal). And we have a dog named Dixie. They got her to replace me when I went to college.

I am currently living in Augusta, GA, and attempting to survive grad school. Hopefully I will graduate in 2012 and become a physical therapist (sometimes better known as physical terrorists).

And this is my blog!

“It is a thrilling thing when you are young to imagine what good things you will be doing in the world and what the world will do to you. It is easy to picture life as pleasant. It is probably even more thrilling if you believe in God and believe that he himself has called you to do a work for him in a certain place.” Elisabeth Elliot


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