Part 5: The sisters

Where should I start?? I don’t think just one blog post can do them justice, but I will try! My sisters are pretty cool, pretty weird, pretty fun, and pretty great! I have known them longer than I have known anyone else in the world (expect the parents of course), and I think that is really awesome!

I’ll start with Lauren, just because she is the oldest and all. Laney might be afraid that I started with her b/c I like her better, because Laney can be possessive like that. But enough about Laney, I’ll get to her later…back to Lauren! Lauren is a typical old-est child. Growing up, she always asked “why?” and always took charge of me and Laney. We usually followed. Sometime we tired to take charge of her. And she never followed.

Lauren went to Clemson and graduated as an RN, and then worked for awhile before going back to school to become a pediatric nurse practitioner. She just graduated. Congrats Lauren! She loves to read and recently started sewing too. And she has taken up photography as well. She loves to laugh, but her sense of humor makes no sense to me. Its so weird! Like, we will be watching or looking at the same thing and I will not even notice anything happened and she will bust a gut! She doesn’t laugh or joke around often, but when she does it is ABSOLUTELY hilarious and even though I don’t understand why she’s laughing, I can’t help but laugh too because its so funny to watch her! I love it!

There is one thing about Lauren I’ve never been able to figure out. I have no idea if she is an introvert or extrovert! She’s not comfortable around new people or big crowds (I am allowed to say that cause I’m not either), but always has SO MUCH energy when she gets back from a night out with friends. She’s really quiet most of the time, but then occasionally she won’t shut up (sorry if that sounds rude but its true). Its a mystery! One of Lauren’s best qualities is how well she serves other people. She is ALWAYS ready and willing to help. If you need her there, she’s there. If you need to talk, she’ll listen. And she’ll give you honest advice too, even if she knows its not what you want to hear. I like that about her and wish I was more like her! This is a funny picture of us together. I think it captures our personalities well…

Okay, on to Laney! She is so cool! Laney is one of the most friendly people I know. She makes anyone in any situation feel comfortable and welcomed. She has always had a ton of friends, and I like its because her attitude towards other people is so attractive. She’s always got something encouraging to say and she always means it.

She’s a junior at UGA majoring in psychology. She likes to read (“like” is an understatement) and work out and go out to cool places with friends. She would love living in a big city, but her apartment in down-town Athens seems to be okay for now! Laney is always running around from class to class and friend to friend and I’m pretty sure there is hardly a dull moment in her life each day! She loves to be outside in the sun but hates hiking and I hope to convert her one day. Her favorite food is cheese and she drinks about 2 gallons of milk every week. She has hated veggies her whole life, but a few years ago we made her promise to eat a lettuce salad by the end of her junior year, and she has yet to come through with that. I think she is hoping we forget. WE DIDN’T FORGET LANEY!

Laney and I have a similar sense of humor and we love laughing together. We like to quote movies together and have a ton of fun whenever we see each other. One thing I like about Laney is that she always makes you feel appreciated. She never lets anyone think they are un-important or insignificant. And she’s so encouraging too, especially when I’m having a bad day and she knows exactly what to say to make me laugh!

So there you have it! I could go on, but I’ll spare you (all of you who are reading this). Lauren and Laney are 2 of my best friends and I feel lucky to be their sister! What would life be like with out them?? Here is an awesome picture of them together…

Stay tuned for the 30-Post-Blog-Challenge Part 6: A picture of something that makes you happy (I might have to change that to 2 pictures. Or 3).


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