Part 4: Your Parents

So this the 4th post in my 30-post-blog-challenge, and the challenge this time is to write about my parents. Oh Bert and Carol!

I’ll start with Dad (who commonly refers to himself as “poppy”). He is a 100% southern boy, 100% computer guy, 100% teacher, and 100% dad. He loves to run, watch football and baseball, watch shoot ’em up war movies, eat BBQ and banana bread muffins (NOT together, don’t worry) and read/listen to the news. He is from the little tiny town of Dublin, GA where he was once involved in a high-speed chase to catch a bank robber. He was the one they were chasing. But they were wrong! Some of my favorite memories of my dad growing up are story time every night (he made up stories about a pet snake named Bennie), playing baseball in the backyard, and the time he took me to a Braves game all by myself! Some of my not-so-favorite memories include all of the math problems he made me do. Over and over. Yep, he’s a teacher! He has taught me a lot of things about life (besides math) like doing the right thing even if its the hard thing, thinking before you speak, being humble, and how to laugh really hard. He’s a cool dad =)

Now for mom. Oh Mom. She is incredible. I almost feel like I shouldn’t even attempt to write about her  cause it would be pointless. I could never do her justice! She is the most amazing woman in the world and I am so thankful for her! But just for fun I do have to write about some of her faults…like how she adds 1,023 syllables to every word in a sentence when she’s mad, how she refuses to touch a tomato, how she miss-pronounces her own last name, how she thinks Taco Bell is healthy, and how she denies letting Laney get away with WAY more stuff than Lauren and I ever did! But back to how awesome she is…I never hear her complain, she is always thankful for something even if everything is going wrong, she prays more diligently than anyone I know, she constantly reminds me to keep my eyes on Jesus, she loves and respects my dad with words and action, she listens to me cry and cries with me, she loves making people feel included and comfortable and important, and she tells (and shows) me the truth.

There you have it! My parents! The next topic in my 30-post blog challenge: Siblings. Watch out (seriously)!


About middlemclees

I love peach salsa, Clemson football, running, the sky, and laughing!
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2 Responses to Part 4: Your Parents

  1. stephanie caldwell says:

    do you ever get to write about roommates? then maybe you could talk about how i hate it when hair touches my feet after a shower or how i go into a rage sometimes and throw everybody’s stuff into their rooms…
    i miss you!!

    • middlemclees says:

      i hate the hair thing too! and i love to go on rages for my own stuff, but not other people’s. i’m nicer than that! i will write about you sometime soon, i promise =)

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