Happy (extremely late) Thanksgiving!

I know this is way late, but here are 50 things I am thankful for! In no particular order…

  1. My family
  2. Running
  3. 113 and all my roommates there
  4. Blue sky on a sunny day
  5. Peach salsa
  6. My wonderful boyfriend
  7. Wednesdays off
  8. My computer
  9. The Bible
  10. Pictures
  11. Country music
  12. Home
  13. Unconditional and everlasting love
  14. Long drives
  15. Sun rise and sun set
  16. Hiking
  17. First Pres and Clemson Pres
  18. Hot tea and coffee
  19. Cinnamon toast crunch
  20. My blanket from Peru
  21. Blue jeans and t-shirts
  22. Mountains
  23. Good cries
  24. Vacations
  25. Clean socks
  26. Laughing
  27. Grace
  28. Traveling
  29. Sweden
  30. The S4D quote wall
  31. 4th of july reunions
  32. Learning from wise people
  33. Candles
  34. Soup
  35. Camp fires
  36. Nick names
  37. Watching 24 with the family
  38. Warm showers
  39. 4 years at Clemson and my ring to remind me of them
  40. Books by Elizabeth Eliott
  41. Walks with mom
  42. Front porch swings
  43. Roasted marshmallows…even if they are roasted over a candle!
  44. Citizenship in heaven
  45. DPT2012!
  46. Gift cards (especially for Target)
  47. Baking
  48. Roses waiting to surprise me
  49. Garage sales
  50. New friends in Augusta

About middlemclees

I love peach salsa, Clemson football, running, the sky, and laughing!
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